Add A Deck To My RV
9 or 10 people can be on the deck at the same time
Our decks are a custom made attached fold down portable patio.  After you park and level your RV, all you have to do is lower the deck, clip in the leg pins, pull up the front railing, and attach the side cable rails.  A process that takes about 10 minutes to set up and put away. An average 38 foot RV with side slides has about 325 square feet. With our deck your square footage is expanded by 90 square feet. 
Our RV patio decks are great for camping and relaxing. Our decks are like patios at your home great for entertaining, barbecue or grilling, dining, or even sleeping under the stars. They provide you with extra space to lounge, socialize, and relax. Our decks are 4 feet off the ground so you can stay out of the sand, mud, dirt, or grass.  It also allows storage room to park you bikes, ATV's or quads under the deck to keep them out of the sun and rain. 
 There are many features that can be added to the deck such as: BBQ grill mount, TV mount, cable and electric outlets, sliding glass door,  stairs to the outside, or sun shade netting, custom paint job to match your RV. 


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